Lampoon Apathy is a London and Edinburgh based political arts production collective. We began with an all-night gig for the 2010 election and since then have been experimenting with comedy gig formats to blur the lines between politics and entertainment.

What money is made from ticket sales is used to pay technicians and performers, with any left over going into future gigs (and occasionally paying ourselves). We work on the principle that everyone deserves to get paid for their labour and aim to make this standard practice whenever possible moving forward.

Lampoon Apathy was founded by Becky Luff, Neil Hughes and Richard Bell and is currently run by Becky Luff and Andrew Roberts, with ongoing help from Gary Dunion, Deborah Grayson and Natalie Guest (@unfortunatalie), with invaluable support and beautiful artwork from Tom Humberstone

Lampoon Apathy’s continued existence has relied heavily on the generosity of our regular comedians and political guests, as well as on our long standing relationship with the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club.

A list of past Lampoon Apathy productions is available here, and for news on future events, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.